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“Versatile” somehow doesn’t do justice in describing Lorenzo Alexander. This “One Man Gang” has played offensive guard, tight end, linebacker, fullback, defensive tackle, defensive end, and special teams! He is an amazing example of determination, perseverance, and adaptability. Along with his !first-team” attitude, his willingness to contribute wherever needed has served him well in his 12-year NFL career earning Pro Bowl Honors twice and All Pro.


In high school, Lorenzo played football at St. Mary”s under his coach and uncle, Steve Moore, who has had a profound impact on his life. From there, he moved to the University of California at Berkley where he started all 4 years and graduated.

Reared by his mother and influenced greatly by his Uncle Steve, Lorenzo learned to respect others, work hard and always believe in himself. Lorenzo has always had a passion for his family, friends, and the community in which he grew up. A man of character on and off the field, Lorenzo teaches those same traits to his clients.


Lorenzo earned his Masters of Psychology in Life coaching from Grand Canyon University in order to be more effective in his passion to serve people by helping them become the best version of themselves.

NFL Legend


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to support student athletes of all ages and abilities to become the best version of themselves through self discovery and personal development.

Low Man Wins leverages multiple coaching methods and models based on the needs and desired outcomes of our clients. Our role is to help our clients realize their skills and capacity to overcome challenges to achieve goals they have established for themselves.

  • Listening and Learning
  • Develop an Action Plan
  • Provide Correction and Encouragement.


Listening and learning is the foundation of developing a client/coach relationship established on trust and respect. This discovery process helps clients identify who they are, who and what is important to them, and their challenges.

Developing an action starts with the end goal in mind, and working backwards alongside the client to establish tasks, benchmarks and skills needed manifest their vision.

Providing correction and encouragement is an essential part of the coach/client relationship. Providing constructive criticism holds clients accountable to their action plan and vision, while encouragement builds confidence in themselves and reminds them that their process is working.





In the game of football, the individual who establishes better leverage and greater force will always win. We want to help individuals maximize their abilities by equipping themselves with the knowledge, skills and emotional intelligence needed to efficiently navigate life.



We believe their are two types of pressure experienced in life:

1. What one feels

2. What one applies



What one feels refers to the challenges life will consistently present and how it impacts one’s emotions, perspectives and quality of life. However, by developing mental resilience, applicable skills and mindfulness we can endure and grow through adverse situations and develop the ability to apply our own pressure.


  • Private Session Package: $1000 (8 sessions) or $150 per session 
  • Group Training Package: $500 (8 sessions) or $75 per session 
  • IQ Development (Classroom): $50/hour


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