Lorenzo Alexander “ACES” Foundation will focus its community efforts in Oakland, California and provide support in Washington D.C., Arizona and Buffalo area by offering youth enrichment programs to broaden their perspective on Life.


These programs will promote inner strength bringing awareness to the importance of self
dedication, determination and discipline.

Oakland Engaged – Educational Program

Oakland Engaged is a STEEAM curriculum designed for youth between 9th and 12th grades to conceptualize, design and build team based and individual software applications. Students will gain well-rounded instruction in Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Art and Math, to include:


– Training in the foundational concepts of computer science and problem solving.


– Coding in multiple programming languages.


– Learning the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship.


– Understanding how technology and public policy can be leveraged to catalyze.


– Community transformation and social justice.


Real talk
Accountability workshops

Real Talk is a series that offers strategies to youth on how to address concerns they might encounter; and encourages them to dream while discovering their potential. The “ACES” Foundation will contract with professionals in different fields (Registered Nurses, Lawyers, Financial Advisors) to provide youth with information and resources to promote a healthy lifestyle and sound decisions. The Real Talk / Accountability Workshops will highlight the following areas:

– Health and Nutrition

– Mental Health

– Peer Pressure

– Public Policy

– Financial Literacy

– Sports Psychology

– Overcoming Adversity

– Career Building

Access ACES is an initiative to extend philanthropic efforts to communities nationwide through collaborativ relationship built with corporations, organizations and individuals. This includes: back-to-school giveaways, youth enrichment retreats, football clinics and more.



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